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Saratoga, CA

Very high latency

Covad is underlying ISP, resold by DSLx. Latency is intolarable, jumps from about 20ms (normal) to 800ms for 1st hop around 6pm in the evening. I've checked my computers/network, no traffic flowing (except ping), and still issues. Anyone else see this? I've gotten nowhere with DSLx. Bouncing all network gear got me a new IP address, but no relief on latency. Looks to me like the CO link is saturated, happens every night for a week+. Back to Comcast?

(During bad time)
--- ping statistics ---
32 packets transmitted, 32 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 770.010/796.547/837.701/15.494 ms

(During good time - under 20ms to first hop)
traceroute to dslreports.com (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 1.588 ms 8.131 ms 2.889 ms
2 h-68-165-4-1.snvacaid.dynamic.covad.net ( 14.400 ms 12.693 ms 12.345 ms
3 ( 12.699 ms 12.562 ms 12.045 ms
4 ( 14.292 ms 14.891 ms 17.267 ms
5 h-67-100-37-143.noclli.covad.net ( 13.926 ms 14.857 ms 14.901 ms
6 ve171.ge1-0-0.core1.iad.megapath.net ( 14.620 ms 16.332 ms 13.847 ms
7 ge-1-1-0.coo.snv.megapath.net ( 16.198 ms 14.781 ms 15.707 ms
8 so-0-0-0.c00.iad.megapath.net ( 86.395 ms 86.532 ms 87.017 ms
9 ge-0-0-0.c01.ash.megapath.net ( 87.206 ms 88.367 ms 87.299 ms

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You should report your issue to your ISP as you are paying them to supply your service and not Covad. You don't show where the latency starts to go bad (what hop) so that is something you would need to supply to your ISP.

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MegaPath Dan

Saint John, NB
reply to speedy99
Hello speedy99,

Thank you for choosing Covad, now a MegaPath brand. I see your latency when pinging said IP (

Reply from bytes=32 time=381ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=255ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=247ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=260ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=174ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=287ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=201ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=184ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=258ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=110ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=411ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=161ms TTL=240
Reply from bytes=32 time=280ms TTL=240

And from the traceroute I see that the latency is coming from the ILEC's Central Office. I apologize for the inconvenience, but hopefully if you're able to contact ISP tech support, we can assist you further enough to pinpoint the issue and have it resolved as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

MegaPath Technical Support Tier 2
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Saratoga, CA

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I was able to connect to my ISP (DSLx) tech support, who opened a ticket with covad. Covad promptly checked the line and closed the ticket, reporting no problems found. (The underlying DSL connection has never been the problem - RT is right down the street, it is the TCP/IP traffic.) So I'm stuck.