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My views are my own.
reply to bartolo5

Re: end terrestrial TV broadcasts

said by bartolo5:

Always wondered why does the USA bother about terrestrial TV broadcasting so much when most people get their local channels through cable.
Just end terrestrial broadcasts and use the spectrum for what we really need, mobile broadband

Are you kidding?

My comment is not directed JUST at you but all those with this opinion.

You don't see ANY issue with "ending" terrestrial broadcast? This feeling come from a clear lack of understanding and ability to see beyond a personal need.

MOST people may CHOSE to get their TV service via a pay service, but that isn't an election or vote of the public. There are still plenty of household outside of the scope of pay TV service and there are some that cant afford it or want to afford it. But, because someone else chooses to use a pay service, those that don't should lose it?

We have certain rights in this country - and OTA is current a right. Are you suggesting that everyone should have to buy TV service then? And, for those that aren't able to afford it, should we have a system in place for low income people? How much money would that bureaucracy cost? Are you suggesting we have yet another socialist program in place to handle that? And should we force people that enjoy the free market TV at work to pay for TV now? Are you really suggesting that we push more money into the hands of business at the hand of the government? and that we further take away competition from the pay TV industry?

Um, yea.. not smart at all.

Most people in the US have cars.. why not get rid of public transportation as well? Most people live in city centers, maybe we should get rid of rural living.

And.. you posted this thought in the very topic where the people that are causing the problem of the "lack of bandwidth" would be the ones to benefit from your plan??

I'm sorry.. but I don't walk around with my head in the clouds and my eyes glued to facebook. We don't "NEED" more mobile broadband. Maybe 'we' could reclaim some of that mobile broadband and force people into not using things like YouTube and Hulu while they're on the go, ie: mobile. We don't "need" mobile broadband.. we chose to use it..

..my main point is that there is more than one set of ideals and I think that you're treading on dangerous grounds to call for the end of OTA TV.