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My views are my own.
reply to Simba7

Re: More Proof that All Data Plans with Overages Are Bad

"I pay for data".. Well, if you want data with out restrictions, there's a long tradition of that kinda of service for that kind of use, and it's been billed by the byte LONG before people really even knew what the internet was.

And why do you feel that the owner of the network and the company that is renting you access to that network shouldn't be able to dictate how the product is used? Where do you get this notion that you should have free reign to use it as you chose? If you want wholesale access, there are options for you. If you want residential access, and you want it for a reasonable rate, then you're going to be told what they're willing to accept as far as use goes.

There ARE, however, some fine lines that I believe should not be so fine. I believe in the spirit of the so-called network neutrality. I feel that they should be able to freely sell and price plan the internet so long as laws are not broken and I don't believe the government should be in the way of that. I DO believe that certain rules should apply to a carrier that chooses to price their internet in a certain way, control it in a certain way, etc. These rules should shape the way they conduct and sell that service based on how the path they chose to take.

Some people, however, are confused, and believe that they somehow have a right to the internet, at a cheap rate (what ever that may be) and have complete open access to do "anything I damn well please" with it, oh, and it should, no - HAS to work error free, and needs to be fiber to the home and I want mobile internet so I can do everything there as well, including stream HD TV to my home entertainment system" too..

"BTW: Voice is data, too.. If you want to get technical." No, nobody cares about that because you're saying that in this discussion is an attempt to try to make a point for no reason which offers nothing to the main topic.