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West Tenness
reply to hhawkman

Re: One good thing about this

said by hhawkman:

said by 88615298:

Once the US sees how much of a total clusterfuck this turns out to be you'll never get it here.

You're joking, right?

No. Do you honestly think after all the shit is this going to cause that America ISPs will want that same shit matter how greedy they are? Think about it. Do cable/DSL ISPs have 5 GB caps and $10 per GB overages like mobile ISPs do? No why? Because customers wouldn't put up with that. Trust me if Charter and Comast and Time Warner could get away with 5 GB caps and $10 per GB overage fees they would. Time Warner couldn't even get away with a 40 GB cap and $2 per GB overages. Even with a 250 GB cap Comcast and Charter ahve gotten shit.