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Bronx, NY

VA adapter with my google voice

VA adapter with my google voice
if yes please step by step

VA=Vonage adapter

Farmington, MI
Does this mean you'd like to access (make calls through and take incoming calls from) Google Voice through your Vonage-locked ATA? Can't be done.


Sioux City, IA
reply to cobrachapro
It won't work, Google Voice does not use SIP, they use a protocol called Jabber/XMPP. The Vonage ATA will only do SIP.

There is an ATA device out now that does support GV, its called the Obihai Obi 110. I haven't tried it out myself, but it does look interesting, and at about the cost of a standard ATA too. ~$50. But Google could at any time decide to change something in their system that could stop this device from being able to connect to GV. Here is their page if you want to check it out:

(replace ** with tt)

Some people handle GV by setting up their own Asterisk server and have it handle the GV stuff and then you can use any SIP phone or ATA device to connect to your Asterisk server. When running a Asterisk server on a PC you have many more options for getting things to work than you do with an ATA device. But as with the Obi 110, if GV changes how their system works that could cease the ability to use an Asterisk box to handle GV.