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Gilbert, AZ

VPN / GRE problems with Qwest / Zyxel PK5000Z


We have 4 DSLs in the office. Two of them are Actiontec PK5000 and the other two are Zyxel PK5000Z.

We are unable to make outbound VPN connections and I have done a lot of troubleshooting and found out that if we make outbound connections to a VPN server through the Zyxel PK500Z modems we are unable to make a connection. Windows VPN client sits there with "verifying username and password" and I think eventually comes back with an error 619.

Using the Actiontek PK5000 modems its fine. Same laptop computer trying to make the connection. The problems seems to follow the PK5000Z modems.

It seems like GRE or protocol 47 is not being passed through. Is there a way to fix this? I really do not want to talk to Qwest tech support drones to explain to them what this is. I'm sure they will want me to reboot and do everything else possible that is not related the problem.

I tried looking for a firmware update for the modem but it was not available; and it said its up to date/current.

Any ideas?


Des Moines, IA
Try lowering the MTU of your tunnel.


Gilbert, AZ
Can anything be done with the modem? We have many people with different operating systems and it would be better for them to be able to connect without modifying things on their computer.

said by mojo30:

Try lowering the MTU of your tunnel.


Qwest has a firmware upgrade for this problem. Now that my IT department and I have wasted hours on this.

But anyway, go to your modem configuration website, go in to Utilities, Upgrade Firmware and there you will find a link to this: QZP002-

The link wasn't working this morning, but it is now. And thankfully I can get to my VPN now. (The initial firmware's problem seemed to be a GRE issue.)


reply to rizwan602
I am an IT Consultant, thanks for posting this. Allowed us to hold QWest accountable for their crap modem. The tech admitted to me that this is a known issue and that they are going to release a new firmware, however he did not give a specific date. He just said February of 2011. I will post more once I hear more from Qwest


reply to rizwan602
Is there anyway to find out what changed with the QZP002- update?

I was having problems with my connection just not sending or receiving any data for 30 seconds to 2 minutes at random times. Running diagnostics from the modem web page and calling Qwest and having them run diagnostics on the connection showed that "everything is working fine".

I would like to see if this problem was addressed with the update.


Whitewater, CO
reply to rizwan602
With any kind of connection that requires advanced setups such as VPN, cross-platform access, or any other advanced needs cut ISP equipment out of the loop first. Do this by placing your modems into a bridged mode and using quality routers that will control your actual connection. For a business that needs maximum control and access this is even more important. Quality routers can run a few bucks, but you'll love the added control and features. If you ever need a new modem, (whether for faster speed compatibility, bad modem replacement, etc) set it to bridge mode, connect the old router and WHAM! back in business. No time wasted reconfiguring firewalls, VPN pass-though, or any of those other time consuming tasks on the new modem. This has other benefits that are so numerous that it's impossible to list them all. ***Disadvantage, there will be little to no support from the ISP for this setup without spending some bucks!