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Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to Simba7

Re: More Proof that All Data Plans with Overages Are Bad

said by Simba7:

So, I'm just as bad as someone who's entire network is running off an iPhone and using data 24/7? Bullsh*t.

No, you are not bad whatsoever which is my point.

I use my phone for news apps, email, maybe a little music, etc....and blow past the 2gb every month.

I laugh at someone calling me a "heavy user" which some here have said anyone over several GB's is if they do so on their phone.

I am not sure what exactly an "abuser" is but some here mention that they simply teethering or download/upload 24/7 using MASSIVE gb's....and I guess that is what an "abuser" is....

So how AT&T and others figured that imposing a low 2gbs to stop those abusers is an utter joke. Criminal, imo