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New York, NY
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reply to Frostbite

Re: [MA] Where is the snow!!

said by Frostbite:

...and then freeze over into a sheet of ice? :O

Funny you should mention that...

... Rapid freeze expected mid to late afternoon in eastern Massachusetts...

Those areas in eastern Massachusetts that rose above freezing this morning will drop quickly below freezing during the mid to late afternoon. This is likely to happen in Boston and the North Shore between 3 and 4 PM... and along the South Shore between 4 and 5 PM. The same rapid drop to below freezing will likely take place over other locations in southeast Massachusetts... such as Brockton and Taunton around or shortly after 4 PM. In many locations the temperature may drop from the mid 30s to lower 20s within an hours time.

This rapid drop in temperature will cause standing water and slush to freeze on untreated Road and walking surfaces... in time for the evening commute. By that time... the precipitation would have tapered off to very light snow or freezing drizzle.
This is going to be a fun commute home.
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Marlborough, MA
I'm glad I get to work from home as the situation permits! Tomorrow I have a vendor meet, so I have to go in (or reschedule).
Then tomorrow night I'm heading north with a caravan into the White Mountains for a ski weekend. Quite possibly the only reason to want this weather. Just as long as the roads are drivable, I'll be OK.
-Frosty, KA1FOX