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Sprint blocking my internet to router?

So I have a sierra 250u air card and when i install the driver it makes two new LAN one says Sierra wireless network adapter status of Not connected and the second Wimax network adapter status network cable unplugged (I yes I'm connected to internet when it appears). When i open properties it state that the device is working properly. Also been through the whole allow Simultaneous connections on both smart view and in my Lan's, I'm running vista os. Anyone with any suggestions?? Please help.


New York, NY

That sounds similar to a problem I had when I bought my new HP laptop last November.

It turned out that that second Wimax network adapter status WASN'T FROM THE SPRINT MODEM AT ALL!!! It was from a built-in Wimax adapter in the laptop itself!

After calling Sprint with no success, Microsoft with no success, I finally called HP, who walked me through the process of


that internal Wimax adapter.

The moment we did that, voila! I was able to connect with my Sprint air card, no problem. I suspect that may be what's happening with you.

Good luck.


reply to Bessie9999

Okay I tried that with no luck. I'm connecting to the internet fine on just my host computer, and my router works fine. But i can't get an internet siginal through my router, when i connect with another device. I've check all the connections and easy fixes with no luck. I'm at my wits end. Thanks for your suggestion.


New York, NY

My regrets then; I don't work with routers. Hopefully someone else here will be able to help you out.

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
reply to Bessie9999

contact your router manufacturer's support.


reply to Bessie9999

Are you using a router that supports the 250u? Does it have the latest firmware installed?

We use the CTR00 Cradlepoint '»www.wirelessnwifi.com/Cradlepoint-CTR500' and it is pretty much a plug and play operation.

The router came with the latest firmware already loaded to work with the new Sprint card. It was a quick easy setup and has been working great.