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Ozone Park, NY

to the poster above

Skippy did you actually read the article?

Post something alittle more educating next time please.


Winston Salem, NC
said by mitsu06mr:

Skippy did you actually read the article?

Post something alittle more educating next time please.

Skippy is correct. AT&T and Verizon have bought up a ton of spectrum and are not fully utilizing it. Time Warner and Comcast are working with Clearwire/Sprint, who themselves have went around buying up rights to use broadcasters EBS spectrum in each area to hold it hostage nationwide.

The FCC should claw back tons of spectrum from everyone involved all the way around. Once all the spectrum has been accounted for, there should be strict limits on who can buy how much -- all with the fine print stating if you do not use it in "x" - years, you loose it!

Companies that have been known the squat on these resources should have to answer for their childishness and greed in the matter. Qualcom for example is known for squatting in hopes of becoming rich one day when someone comes looking to purchase usage rights on the frequencies.

Is there a spectrum crisis? NO! It is just another tactic being used to keep everyone from realizing their business model will never survive -- there simply is not enough spectrum for that to ever be a reality. These companies "know" good and well that these technologies have limits, so they need to quit making it look like it is everyone else's fault that they have come close to reaching their limits.

How many more cell towers do consumers have to bring on their knees before realizing the technologies are simply oversold to begin with?

Corporations have never cared about depleting natural resources, and in this case, you could make the same comparison time and time again. Once it is gone, you can not pull any more out of anyone's butt.