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For Value Received

Let me restate: ordinary users should not be forced to...

bend over and take it up?

If you didn't want ordinary users to subsidize the heavy users, Bell would have dropped Internet prices so compensate for the lowering of the cap, and kept prices identical for the same cap so heavy users could use the Internet properly.

You are full of shit Finckenstein. Not only were you unable to answer the most basic questions thoroughly (such as why Bell had opted for such low caps when other countries' were so much bigger, to which you answered 'I don't know, you'd have to ask Bell).

Here's a hint, you moronic waste of taxpayer dollars: if you're the director of a commission that just passed a controversial bill and you are asked to go defend it in front of an oversight committee, you need to be prepared so you don't look like a moronic waste of taxpayer dollar.

You were obviously ignorant of the technicalities and reasons behind UBB, and you managed to convince this entire country of your uselessness.

Congratulations, I firmly believe you gave the opposing side all the ammo it needed to showcase your relevance to the World. NONE!