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Let's play word games!

Yes maybe this company does offer Fiber to the Business via a hybrid fiber/coaxial system or maybe just maybe they will build a fiber pipe from the business without use of a coaxial cable link. I think the point is that this company as with other companies, are inferring that they offer something that they really can't or won't offer at the prices they advertise. It's like selling a Chevy disguised as a Ferrari. On the outside it appears to be a Ferrari but you pop the hood and you see that under all the glitter the engine is just a worn-out Chevy 4 banger. When I sell my product I have to back it up with the truth or my ass is in a sling with the law. Unfortunately what laws that are on the books to protect the consumer, be it a business or a private citizen, are either not enforced or worthless lip service is paid.


Cleveland, OH
BH WILL SELL YOU FTTH/B if you pay $$$$ for it. They will to anyone in their service area. It is available just have to call the Business Department for it.


Not true, My business pays Verizon for a dedicated DS3 and 2 Fios 150/35 services. We contacted BH to provide Fiber to us and we were declined and advised that it could not be provided. We are located in Clearwater Florida. So Verizon is the only player willing to bring Fiber directly to my business.

My views are my own.
Fiber can be offered to any business customer willing to pay the price. This is true... it's a construction cost from the nearest plant to the business. This will include all the permitting costs, construction, and plant redesign. Then too, if they're not able to get plant to you for any blocks THEY face, then of course your location would be considered "un-serviceable" just like anything else. There are going to be limitations. I don't believe that anything was printed as "we GUARANTEE that we can provide fiber"..