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reply to FFH5

Re: Walking papers...

said by FFH5:

The problem with independent gov't agencies is that they become independent of those who created them. I am naturally antagonistic to all gov't regulation. But when pols get lazy and turn loose a regulator without specific detailed rules the results are usually the worst.

While I'm generally in favor of of more regulatory oversight of companies - regulatory capture is a big problem.

The folks doing the regulating tend to have close ties with the companies they are regulating. Where else can you find knowledgeable individuals. Difficult crafting regulations to maxim the public good when your allegiance is with those you are regulating.

I have no problems with "price gouging" in a truly competitive environment. In that case there is a sweet spot break-even pricing based on cost and prices so high no one uses they service. Customers are able to vote with their wallet. Unfortunately in many areas (broadband being one) true competition does not exist, one or at most a few companies control the market so customers have little option other then pay up or drop the service.