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Primus Relents!

Just received:

"In light of the CRTC’s recent announcement to review their decision and delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing, Primus will not implement usage caps on our Internet service at this time, pending final direction from the CRTC. In the meantime, Primus is pleased to continue to offer unlimited Internet services to all of our customers.

For customers who purchased and were billed for additional usage plans, credits will be issued. If you have not yet been billed, we will remove the plans from your account.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-806-3273.

Thank you for choosing Primus.


Primus Canada"


London, ON

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I haven't got the email yet... but notice that on my e-care portal there is no longer a line stating that I am on the 25GB base plan, and there are no longer options for purchasing the additional GB packages. The usage history is still there, but indeed - no reference to limits! Phew - for now.

just got my email too... same as above. back to wait-and-see...


reply to ASH4
We have now 60 days of relief then back to sweating it out when bell comes out with a new game plan.

mario 1

Just found mine as well, it was in the junk folder.
Yet I get a dozens of viagra adds in regular mail.


reply to ASH4
too late for me! I moved out of Primus!


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was happy to see that email..was using netflix trial on my ps3 like crazy..down with this ubb non-sense..bell is just being greedy..trying to snuff the little guy..and keep everybody watching their tv and media outlets..like we are mindless zombies..oh that goes the same for rogers as well..time for change..Primus needs to get some co's out here in brampton..I miss all my phone features i had when i was in toronto..and if i was still living in toronto I know I would be still on unlimited regardless of this crtc decision..but its time one of these little companies step up and build their own network..be it primus or teksavvy...whoever gets it done first..will make alot of ppl happy..


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Barn door, horses, etc.


Kingston, ON
When UBB is completely squashed, Bell should have to pay everyone's set-up fees for going back to their old providers.


reply to ASH4
They still went ahead and charged the extra $5 on the triple value bundle ~$64 to ~$69.
That extra $5 was in lieu of the UBB so i'm not sure if it's permanent or will be credited next billing cycle because they advertise their triple bundle still at the $64 rate.