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Color outside the lines
Houston, TX

Mr Sun has returned!

Party time! Mr Sun came back from vacation and has been streaming into my house. Cats are all hanging out in the kitchen and loving it. I opened my garage for the first time in days!

I have been mostly hiding out in my house since Tuesday. I hope to get out next week and run some errands. Would like to go out tomorrow, but am sure the places I want to go will be packed with other folks that have been hiding out inside.
Team Discovery


Missouri City, TX
Oh yes! The weekend was gorgeous. I felt like a bear hibernating in my house the past week but finally was able to go out into the backyard on Saturday to do some cleanup. I have to say though, the frigid cold temperatures are a welcome once or twice a year just to change up the tempo for a while because we all know the summer temperatures won't wait to come back in Houston for another long stretch before a mild Fall/Autumn rolls around.

So Much For Subtlety
Premium,Ex-Mod 2000-13
Katy, TX
reply to marti
Only a brief respite it appears. Looks like we are in for a bit of a repeat, hoping that we are a bit warmer and the forecast rain does not need an adjective like "freeze" associated with it. February is always my least liked month. Oh well in a couple months this will all be a distant memory.

mr sean
Professional Infidel
Premium,ExMod 2001-07
N. Absentia
Ye Gods its Cold!!!


Been there done that.

But yesterday I had ice on my porch @4pm, and it stayed till past noon today. Hell if this keeps up I might just pack my bags and move where they have a real winter. I think its the swings between 20 degrees and 70 degrees that do me in....
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So Much For Subtlety
Premium,Ex-Mod 2000-13
Katy, TX

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Not to worry it looks like we get a brief Spring next week and I am sure by the end of the month global warming will have us back in the 90s. Yay sweat is on the way! Seriously though I threw out all my long underwear some 16 years ago and lately some of those flannel leggings at Amazon are looking pretty good.

Broomfield, CO
You to are way funny... Going to be in the 60's here for the weekend and then colder mid 50's all next week.