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Re: February 2011 Sprint 4G WiMax speeds

Same results on my laptop. I'm going to order the overdrive. I'll see how both perform after i move and i'll return 1 of them. I'm a little nervous because i'm in a zone right now that is blanketed in 4g indoor service and the place i'm moving to is borderline some-indoor(lighter blue) and indoor.

Wow, these are the highest i've seen so far.


Reynoldsburg, OH
Beware of the Overdrive!! I would wait for this little beauty to be released...



that does look nice. What do you call that thing?

Heres some pretty bad numbers. I'm moving soon and i would like something that can replace dsl/cable. This U1901 usb modem is just not cutting it for me. I have yet to test it at my new apartment so i will see what happens after i move. I will try these options if i dont see improvement.
1. Try the overdrive
2. pay the cancelation fee ($200+) on my iphone and get the HTC evo or shift and use that as my permanent ISP and pray that it performs better for me. actually i would get the evo or shift first, then cancel my iphone incase i get screwed.
3. wait for that new hotspot item.
4. keep my iphone, get the htc evo, return the USB modem, get the new Hotspot unit, return the htc evo or that new hotspot thing.