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Canonsburg, PA
reply to thomasr

Re: Audit? What's the big deal?

said by thomasr:

Now we just need to remind the Bells, in the late 80's early 90's, they promoted their butt's off about fiber optics and that they were running them everywhere and would be there to see us to where the light could take us. HA! I remember them running it overhead and digging up everywhere in between during this time. The fiber was laid, it's there, lit more than likely... but where is my connection to my home? Everyone in 1996 got mad! By 2000 - 2002, they were in positions to fight back on 1996. They've been wrapped up the past ten years undoing all of that....and I still have not gotten that connection of FTTH.

A real national broadband plan would be based on fiber to the premises and it would probably be reasonable to expect fiber broadband to eventually reach 97% of the U.S. population. Wireless is an excellent supplement to fiber but only a third world country would base a national broadband plan predominately on wireless because wireless bandwidth will never be able to compete with fiber bandwidth. Unfortunately some in our government and some major corporations don't seem to care if we become part of the third world as long as their in power or can make lots of bucks.