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Telus also has Draconian overage fees as well.

As much as Shaws new crap is pissing me off, when looking into switching to Telus, I found that they also have caps, and $2 a Gig over regardless of what package. Their monthly limit is a little higher than Shaws but not by too much (their Extreme equivalent has an extra 10GB of bandwidth then $2/GB after) and they have no packages to buy either, you just pay the $2/GB over.



Telus does not enforce their limits, their bandwidth monitors is not even working for most users. Plus those have been on the site for years with not one person being charged. Where as shaw's new site hides the limits they just added in December.



That is a fair point Telus has had those for years.

Haha I just went to look it up in the terms and conditions on Telus say it says limits are only enforced for a severe breach of contract and misuse of service and that Telus reserves the right to not monitor your usage, and has no obligation to do so.

chuck car


Telus has no bandwidth counter as putting one in place costs more money than the actual buying of bandwidth something Bell Canada out east never figured out. Telus can't track bandwidth useage therefore can't charge overuse fees.

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