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I Am The Man Who Was Not There.
Reston, VA
reply to stevepas

Re: [Semi-Serious] The Holy Grail

said by stevepas:

Sounds like you are almost perfectly 'pre-acclimatised' to living in England.

I can't speak to AB's situation out in Leesburg (Loudon County) which has experienced a population explosion that would have had to be seen to comprehend, but Reston is somewhat unique (and mostly in good ways). It's become something of a true melting pot; there really aren't any concentrations of immigrants in any particular area; they're everywhere. Also, if you're first-generation (born here), you're just an American, doesn't matter about complexion or religion. When I talk about immigrants, that's exactly what I mean.

My particular 'cluster' has 120 townhouses with probably around 400 residents. It's so diverse that I'm now having to deal with surnames that I have no idea where they come from.

I guess the primary nationalities present in Reston are African/Spanish/Asian?

When we say Spanish, we're most likely talking about Hispanics, i.e., Latinos or Latin Americans, typically some mixture of Spanish, black, and native Indian heritage. I don't think we have any true Spaniards nearby.

There are some native Africans, mostly from the former English or French African colonies; they may be white, black, or South Asians who passed through before arriving in the US.

Traditionally, most Asians here were from the Pacific Rim, i.e., Korea, Japan, China, or Southeast Asia (and at one time I could have told you who comes from where, but no longer). Now, we have a goodly mixture of South Asians and Arabs also.

You might be surprised to learn that, even in the cluster, we have a mixture of West and East Europeans, and now we have, I think, three families from the 'stans of Central Asia. There are at least two families of English ex-pats in the community and my ex-wife is married to an Irish ex-pat now.

Indeed, about the only place not represented in the nearby area is probably Australians, New Zealanders, etc.

Over here you just need to swap Spanish for East European.

Looks like the USA are lagging behind us in the East European stakes, but winning in the Spanish stakes.

I think the major distinction between immigrants in the UK and those we are now seeing in the US (especially in my area) is that ours tend to more likely be economic refugees. Almost all of the South Asians and Arabs that we see are small businessmen or professionals who've come here (and often via the UK) because of the economic possibilities. That's not what I saw in London proper.

And you really do need some proper Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants! For that matter, an English curry is not an Indian curry.
Joseph V. Morris


Thanks for interesting info about where you live jv.

And you really do need some proper Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants! For that matter, an English curry is not an Indian curry.

There is definitely room for improvement restaurant wise.

I have been on some interesting curry eating adventures.

Some have been well dodgey, a few have been very good,
but what some of the indians and pakistanis cook in their own home is outstanding.