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Painesville, OH
·Time Warner Cable

That's great for Wako.

Looks lik TW is doing a good job in Wako, In NE Ohio it's an entirely different story. I pay for the TW top speed level offered (10-15mbps, which is lower than advertised 2 years ago by 3mbps). Actual speeds I get average 8.00 mbps and I have seen them drop to under 0.7 mbps. At these lower speed levels the Ping times vary all over the place. A recent test, when nI was getting about 7.5kbps for speed, the ping times varied from 18 ms to 850 ms with an average ping time of 146ms.

Moral of the story here is check the service in your local area and don't assume you will have the same service as a company provides outside your immeadiate area.

I am very close to dumping Time Warner in NE Ohio. I think because DSL lines are not prone to slow downs during peak usage hours I think a solid, steady 3mbps is going to be much better for surfing and reliable for my voip phone which recently has been unusable.

Greenville, TX

Of course I've heard the same thing regarding many other ISPs -- AT&T, Charter, Comcast, etc. I've heard both good and bad about many -- But the majority of complaints are regarding cable company's, and how sharing a node can cause congestion and it affects all of the customers. Personally, if I was you, I would have already dumped TWC. I've had DSL before, and although the speeds aren't as high, the latency is MUCH more stable and the connection (assuming you have favorable conditions) is very stable and clear.

Yet by what you said, I've heard nothing but good things about ISPs in general in Texas. Having had AT&T, Verizon DSL, Charter, and now Time Warner, all have been great. My brother has Verizon FiOS and he loves it, too.

Of course, you always want to research an ISP before you purchase -- but I personally couldn't ask anything more from TWC here.