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Overdrive better now?

Longtime 3G USB Compass user (nearly three years now). About 8 months ago I jumped onto an Overdrive for three weeks, using it my home market (Chicago) and Clearwire's then new Houston market where I commute 3 days a week. Perhaps it was overheating, but it was almost impossible to use for very long without dropouts, lockups, and it usually was unable to keep up with the battery drain even when plugged in. I was given a replacement the second week with no improvements. By the third I'd had enough and went back to the 3G Sierra's Compass.

Having been bitten by this experience (I lost my grandfathered unlimited 3G data plan in the process), I'm now ready to try again if the Overdrive hardware/firmware has been revised or improved enough to eliminate the 3G/4G problems I had. Or if an Overdrive replacement is around the corner. Indications are that Clear still isn't capping/throttling Sprint customers. Both markets I live/work in are covered by Clear, and I could live with the occasional shortcomings on Clear's end if the hardware has improved.


Sunnyvale, CA

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Hidden Setting
The newer firmware is *much* better, however it will still get warm in a 3G only area as it seems to constantly scan for a 4G network all the while.

The only dropouts I had with the newest firmware were with wifi, whereby anywhere from 10-30 minutes the overdrive's wifi would go deaf, requiring a reboot of the unit to come back alive. After spelunking in the advanced settings with "help" turned on (why isn't that the default?), I found this setting:
If your computer tends to lose the Wi-Fi connection and stops responding, set this field to off.

That solved my biggest problem and I had an uptime of over 40 hours this weekend on my unit, when I finally powered it down to put in my bag.

See attached.