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Pittsburgh, PA
reply to Rxdoxx

Re: [PA] ISP's available in Pittsburgh?

I appreciate the input. I have been using pingplotter and yes, there is terrible packet loss (the pings are actually fine) in the CC's local outside "network" I assume on this node. They believe it is an "ingress" issue however they can't seem to get in touch with the outside maintenance people to look into it after three weeks! They won't answer an internal message or email or phone call. Its like they are completely ignoring the problem.

I cancelled my service a couple of days ago, because this has been going on for about 6months to a year now, and it is still up and working. They did say they were stopping the billing though so now I don't know if they just suspended billing until someone gets in touch with me or if they can't even get a disconnect right.

I am looking into my options which to this point seem to be 1. DSL or 2. 3G/4G cell phone data service (I currently have Sprint)

I looked into some Satellite solutions but its insane what they want (80/month for 6Mbps down 256kbps up) so that isn't an option.

FIOS isn't wired in my neighborhood. I have been tracking it for years now and it seems they aren't interested in wiring up my townhome community for some reason.

So, I am not sure where to go from here.