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Has anyone gone over the 300gb cap?

I am having a hard time keeping myself under the 300gb cap but never go over it but would like to.

Has anyone with the 18/2mb service gone over the 300gb cap and been charged for it?

Please state your location too. I am in the Rocklin/Roseville service area.


Belfair, WA
·Wave Broadband
·OlyPen, Inc.
I have not to my knowledge... but-

With a commercial account for $10 or $20 more a month and a contract you could get twice the cap and 18 Mbps down / 2 Mbps up...

Or -From their FAQ...

If you exceed the included data transfer amount within in the calendar month, then you may be charged an additional data transfer fee. 100 GB of data transfer usage is included with all levels of internet service at no additional charge. High Speed 18 also includes an additional 200 GB of usage, for a total of 300 GB. The fee is $5 for the first 1-10 GB over the usage amount included with your service level, and $5 more for each additional 1- 10 GB over that. For example, if the data transfer amount included with your account is 100 GB, and your use during the calendar month is 116 GB, then your Data Transfer Fee for that month will be $10.

So a little over might not break you but...

What method are you using to measure your usage?

I use both the bandwidth meter on my DD-WRT enabled router and the bandwidth tracker on waves site:


I know all about the fee structure, I am just wondering if anyone has gotten charged an overage fee.


Belfair, WA
Thanks- Just curious how accurate their meter really is...

And just throwing ideas out there...

It seems to be quite accurate.

Stanwood, WA
reply to dontbuywave
I have the Biz account I get 600gb a month I average about 580 a month no worries. Just costs more =(