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Re: February 2011 Sprint 4G WiMax speeds

Well after an hour, i was disconnected. My sprint smartview program was saying that i was connected but i was unable to access any websites. I could not even disconnect from smartview and i couldnt exit the program either. I had to get out of the program by manually ending the process through task manager. When i tried loading up smartview again, it simply would not load up. I noticed there were some updates for my windows so i updated and it restarted my comp. and now here i am.

great upload speed... anything over 3mbps for dl and i'll be happy.

Is there a more efficent program i can use to access my USB modem besides sprint smartview?



this is what i get when i plug in the usb modem on one of the USB ports on the back on my pc...

this is what i get when i use one of the front USB ports. Interesting how different ports produce different speeds.


OK, the first one said 3.xx mbps D/L .76Up and like 88ping. Not sure why its saying a totally different number.. i wish i could edit my posts :s


Victoria, TX
reply to triptrailz
It's been my experience that 4G is very finicky in placement of the modem. So, moving from the front to the back may have optimized the signal.

I've experimented with many different locations in my place until I can get the best signal and speed. Then, I try to use that same place everytime I need internet.