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sagem 1704 port forwading

trying to port forward on 1704. I have tried putting 'server' in DMZ - no luck. port forwarded by using the virtual servers tab and port forwarding by ip and port range. nothing. check to see what ports were open at and it said none of the ports i forwarded were open. I am not a noobie, have done this with Netgear, dlink, linksys and speedstream boxes, but this one has me stumped. beginning to think router is bad. Called WS support, but they wanted to be paid before talking to me because i mentioned port forwarding. I had a 5200 that I said I would use instead, but the tech didn't know what to do with it. I guess it is a little old but they still are a lot out there. I also noticed that this 1704 doesn't have editing features, you have to delete settings and add them back. I am not impressed so far. I do have internet though. I guess in WS world that is all you need.


Dawsonville, GA
I thought I read somewhere that the Sagem uses DD-WRT.. (??) If it does, Pt Fwd should be available under the NAT/QoS tab.

It is obvious and you said you have experience, so it is quite unlikely....but it almost sounds as if the Save settings / reboot is not functioning correctly.

There is a sticky at the top of this forum regarding a WS Firmware upgrade that is needed for the you have the upgrade ?


thanks for reply. No it is not dd-wrt, I have used that. Wonder if i could flash??

reply to JoeS
well the sticky had to do with mtu setting, not really my problem so I did not try it. could be worth the effort though.


reply to jeffinga
read the directions in the sticky, it tells how to open ports under NAT