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Jaws Incorporated

Woodside, NY

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Earthlink & Time Warner Cable don't know their own promos

I went to Earthlink.net, typed in my address and then clicked the "cable" tab & I saw that earthlink.net has an offer for what they call "cable max" which is 15Mb and the price is $39.90. I called earthlink and they verified everything and signed me up for it. To finish this awkward process you have to be transferred to Time Warner Cable's sales department.

A few weeks later I called because my speeds were not anywhere near 15Mb. They told me that I am signed up for earthlink high speed and it is 10Mb. They also said they never heard of this cable max and I would have to pay $10 more if I want the 15Mb speed. I went back and fourth with them for a while. I told them that the Earthlink sales representative told me all about cable max and how great it is and it is available for me and the Time Warner Cable sales representative that I was transferred to signed me up for it. They didn't care at all about the fact that I was lied to by both companied. They also didn't care that they committed total fraud. I had a really hard time even getting anyone to open a browser and verify what I was saying which is clear as day on earthlink.net. I had to talk to about 3 different people and be on the phone for well over an hour and basically beg for something that I had already paid for and was ensured that I was already getting.

I can't believe these Time Warner Cable & Earthlink are allowed to commit open fraud and blatantly lie to their customers with no recourse. Time Warner Cable is selling a service for Earthlink and they don't know anything about it. My definition of fraud is when you sell something to someone and then give them something completely different which is exactly what happened here.

I will be posting this in both the Time Warner Cable & Earthlink forums because it involves both companies equally.

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT

Re: Earthlink & Time Warner Cable lied to me & committed fraud.

You might want to ask a moderator to move this thread to the Earthlink Cable forum, as this forum is for Earthlink DSL.

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Re: Earthlink & Time Warner Cable don't know their own promos

They can have communication problems, and the whole arrangement of one cable company handling another's customers is extremely strange. But the highspeed should be $30 (for 6 months), and $10 more for 15mb is what you wanted, even if the CSR didn't know it was "cable max".