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freedom land


You do know that one NetFlix movie could be 3GB? The basic plan is almost useless for any large videos.

The basic package is only 7.5GB down and 2.3GB up. More than 2 NetFlix movies will kill that easy.
Consumer Rights is more than just a suggestion.


Apache Junction, AZ
The size of the movie isn't the problem, it's way too slow for streaming movies from Netflix.


Wildblue is not recommended for Netflix as well as online gaming. Satellite Internet is for casual browsing not for real time applications such as netflix. Is it possible? Yes, with the middle or highest package but not great performance. And with FAP only a few movies a month is possible without being FAP'ed.


Las Vegas, NV
reply to zalternate
My wife and I are currently getting screwed by a team up of DirecTV and Wild Blue. A third party salesperson set us up with both based on them being the "best price and services in our area". Well, we live smack dab in the middle of Las Vegas! Wild Blue turns out to be expensive and USELESS! We reached our download threshold within the first week of service, and it was horribly slow before that! Now we get less than 5 kbps data transfer rate. What the #$%^? People actually pay for this crap? Do they have a "satisfied customer"? I now realize that this service is for people who live in remote areas, but if you have to drive less than 50 miles to find a hot spot, you're better off taking the drive. You will waste A LOT less time and money.

What's worse is that even if they admit they're wrong, they WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY!! Their rep admitted that this service should not have been sold to anyone that lives in a city and that it makes no sense for us to have to pay for this service, but there is no refund for any situation. They said they would give us twenty some dollars back (out of the $90 we paid). I called the 800 number on the card and stopped payment, but I have to dispute the charges and they will probably win. Good thing I paid with a prepaid card, as soon as the charges are disputed, I temporarily get the money back on the card. Then I can withdraw it and throw the card away. Screw Wild Blue!