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Lincolnton, NC

Anyone unable to connect to Sprint today?

Assuming you have a backup to connect...


Atlanta, GA

I'm up and running.


New York, NY

Sorry, mc1Lean, I forget: Are you 3G or 4G?

I have no idea how the screwed-up 3G in my area is working at the moment. I've basically given up on it for the time being, since it's been screwed up since September 28th.

On the other hand, my 4G is working okay but not great. About 90% of the time I'm getting way above spec download speeds of around 8 or 9mbps and in spec upload speeds of around .9mbps or 900kbps. About 10% of the time, my download speeds drop, but are still in spec, to between 3 and 4mbps.

And about every 2 days, plus or minus about 41 hours, the connection drops. When it does, about a third of the time I can reconnect with no problem. About a third of the time, I can reconnect immediately but the speed is not normal, normally around 3mbps; however I find that if I close the Smartview and eject and reseat the card I can reconnect with no problem and speeds are back to normal.

And about a third of the time it totally refuses to reconnect at all. When that happens, I also find that closing Smartview, popping the card, then reseating it, then reopening Smartview and reconnecting, fixes that problem too.

The last time I had a problem reconnecting to the Sprint 4G was last night, around midnight Eastern time. Was that around the time you bumped into this problem?


Lincolnton, NC
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said by criggs:

Sorry, mc1Lean, I forget: Are you 3G or 4G?

I have sprint via millenicom (direct for 2 years prior) -3G and I added Verizon 4g in Dec.

I left my wife and kids on sprint.