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Apache Junction, AZ

It won't last!

It sounds like you are in one of the few locations where Clear is still working well but it can't last. As soon as some more customers jump on it will slow down to a crawl same as everywhere else.


Corpus Christi, TX
It's interesting how you instantly say it won't last. I have been with 'Clearwire" now "Clear" internet for two years now. I have yet to see a decrease in performance. Sure from time to time the network slows as with any ISP, however it has been an untouched high speed experience. I have been all around Texas in 4G covered and 3G zones offered by Clear and still unmatched service provided to me in stationary and mobile situations. So I think before you post a down on a great provider, maybe you should first try to experiment with your service in other locations. Being that just a few years ago, high-speed wireless was unheard of, I only see Clear as a modern 4G success story. Thank you for your time!