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Florence, KY

Common Misunderstanding

I just thought I would let you know that you are getting the speeds you are supposed to, but for a long time now ISPs have been advertising their speeds in MegaBits, which is .125 of a MegaByte. That means that 20 MegaBits = 2 MegaBytes. Have I explained it well enough?


I have Fioptics downtown Cincinnati. I live right by there NOC actually. It's blazingly fast. 30/30....testing gets me real close to 30mbps up and down no problem. New customers have to deal with the 10mbps upload limit. I've heard there's some definite issues with line quality within apartment buildings and houses that can cause these issues. I have a friend that is experiencing these issues as well. He actually is doing work for Cincinnati Bell as a contractor. Even having a contact withing the fiber department hasn't helped him get the issue fixed. Sometimes the wiring is simply too costly for them to replace.