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Jamul, CA

Any current Starband users?

Are there any current Starband users, preferably with a Nova 1500 plan, that would care to post typical latency (ping to google.com) times and bandwidth test results, along with their comments about the service?

[I had Starband 8 years ago, then WildBlue, then Hughesnet (then a T-1 that is no longer available) so I'm all too familiar with satellite service and issues in general. I am currently on a WISP who is seriously challenged and I'm concerned might disappear on me any day.]


Mayflower, AR
Hi, I have been on Starband for 9 months now. I'm on the nova 1500. Ping times average about 740ish for most places. Bandwidth swings between 1100-1500 . Upload speeds tend to be my issue. They can be as low as 20 and rarely over 220. It is "up to" 256 , but averages 120-160 .

I have a voip line into my work phone system, and it works decent. The delay isn't much worse than a 1st gen digital cell phone.

I'm happy with Starband. The FAP/bandwidth policy is better than anyone else. Un-metered download between midnight and 6 am. That said, if DSL was available, I would jump ship immediately.
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