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Brazilian Soccer Ownz Joo

Glen Allen, VA

So let me get this straight...

We should be happy that the government wasted $300 million on next to nothing because before we had nothing?

Can't wait to see what we will get with a couple hundred million more thrown in for good measure... I'm ecstatic.

Spokane, WA
Ignore the instructions, ZIP CODE is worthless. Use zip to get map and zoom to your block. It seemed to plot my zip in the middle of the river by default making wired connections problematic

I appears correct for the MAX speeds like it says. I suppose someone in the area MAY actually pay for those speeds. Even so far as showing different speed available with QWEST 2 blocks away. (office could get 40M, house can't altho the fiber seems to be laid less than 100ft away) It does match with what was offered.

I think the comcast is correct also as for what is 'offered'. Can't imagine may here affording 50-100M but i think it is offered even if is more than the house payment

Of course the wireless speeds are wildly optimistic...OOPS, there's that MAX advertised qualifier again.

And it clearly tells us NOTHING about what people HAVE!

Again, be sure and try it at block or address level. The zip code level is pretty useless (for wired)