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Santa Rosa, CA

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Re: [ID?] Getting to know you part 2

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Self portrait
Alright, I'm Andrew, 24, and from the San Francisco Bay Area. I too have lived in several countries, including South Korea, Canada, and France. I only just got back last week from spending a year in South Korea teaching English.

I began doing photography about 10 years ago. My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot G2 and my first film SLR was a Minolta SRT-201. Since then, I've owned a number of DSLRs including the original Digital Rebel, Canon 20D, Nikon D40, Canon 40D, and now the 1D Mark III. My first paid assignment was in 2003 and I've made money doing photography ever since then.

My work in photography includes numerous print publications including the California Aggie, California Beat, Groove Magazine (Seoul), and Good Morning Incheon (another Korea magazine). I worked for several years as an aerial photographer and co-pilot around the same time I was shooting and writing for the California Aggie. I am a licensed pilot, though not current. Just need to scrape together the cash to get my bi-annual flight review and some additional training.

Currently I consider myself more or less a freelance photographer, though my dream is to really get back into photojournalism and shoot full-time for a newspaper. I'm working with a friend to help get California Beat off the ground. He's already got a huge presence in California news but we're looking to notch it up even more and try to make a profitable business out of it. Helping to run a publication that I shoot for? A dream I hope to make come true.

Looks like the person I was going to tag, drew See Profile already gave his spiel. Any volunteers?
I am the Flying Photog, see my website accordingly named Flyingphotog.com. User known formerly as zakooldude.

Premium,ExMod 2002

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Only photo I have on my laptop right now
Ok here goes

I'm Steve, 27 and I'm from the wintry north (Canada ). I've lived all over the world, and most recently spent 5 years in Europe where I really got hooked on photography. I joined DSLReports over 10 years ago to tweak my DSL, and a few years back found this part of the forums.

While I was living in Europe for school I was doing a lot of traveling and noticed I wasn't really happy with the photos I was getting with my little point and shoot camera. A few weeks later I ordered a brand new 20D and 17-85mm lens. Withing a few weeks of shooting with it I was hooked for life.

A few months went by and people started commenting on my photos. I got a call from a magazine asking if I'd cover an event for them and I said sure. That one event led to me eventually getting hired by the second largest newspaper in the country, and AFP for some time. I realized after a few years that news photography wasn't for me, and moved on to other things.

Now after quitting my computer related job near the end of last year I'm doing photography full time again. I'm currently on the lookout for a new live/work studio in downtown Toronto to call home base. At this point I'm mainly shooting commercial/product/advertising/people and a few weddings thrown in for good measure.

I just got a new (used) phase one back for my Mamiya RZ and I'm really loving the old school feel and mechanics of shooting with it.

Not sure what else to write about so I will tag DavisPhotog See Profile