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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to Octavean

Re: [Discussion] Building a computer for my TV

I am just using video in and MCE still reads the broadcast flag.
It does not seem to have anything to do with the tuner as the broadcast flag is encoded into the non visible space just like closed captioning.
So as MCE reads the video signal it reads the CC information and any broadcast flag information.
There are 3 flags
“copy once”
“copy free”
“copy never”

The broacast flag is set by the cable companies. Not all cable companies use it and some use it on certain channels while other will block everything. You might be lucky in that your cable company does not use the broadcast flags. I found my cable company has it set to "copy never" for every channel which then MCE encrypts the video so it can only be played on my MCE computer and cannot be converted into any other video format.

MCE XP did not read the broadcast flags, but with the same tuner when I switched to Win7 MCE I found I could not copy recordings off my MCE computer.
Since it is a analog broadcast flag it can be easily filtered by blocking the flag location from the analog video signal or replacing that location with a "copy free" flag as some devices sold online do.
Your behavior is inconsistent with your desire to be treated like everyone else.

New York, NY
No I am not lucky as you suggested and the Hauppauge HD PVR doesn't currently support CC either,... nor does the Colossus.

With all due respect, perhaps you might want to research the product as it might prove more fruitful then idle speculation. This has all been covered in threads over at thegreenbutton, avsforums and others,....years ago.

We could probably get an aerospace engineer in here to tell us how the bumble bee can't possibly fly but guess what,....