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All mail fails to @verizon.net.


We have multiple Verizon accounts, but this has to do with sending email to @verizon.net emails.

We used to have Verizon in our area (VT) but Fairpoint bought them out last year. (Please come back Verizon, we soo miss you!)

Last week I finally moved our email server off of Global Crossing and onto the FairPoint connections with a new I.P for our mail server, and web etc.

I had the PTR, DNS, and SPF setup correctly. But every time we try to send emails to anyone at @verizon.net, I get no connection can be made.

I figured we were getting blocked, so I went and filled out the Verizon whitelist form, last week. I never got an email, or anything about it being rejected, accepted. Nothing. I've filled that form out at least 4x, with nothing changed.

I called customer support and the directed me right back to to the whitelist form...

My concern is that the I.P that I have now used to be Verizon, and for some reason the are blocking port 25 still, or that I'm still on their black list. I don't know what to do next. Any guidance would be great.

The I.P of my mailserver is


Milford, NH
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If I understand correctly the problem only happens when sending email to Verizon email accounts. Email is sent properly to everyone else. Do they just disappear or do you get some sort of reject error message?

Well the good news is your mail server is not blacklisted:

What is the return address of the emails you are sending to Verizon customers? Is it still Verizon.net or updated to MyFairPoint.net? Verizon set up special forwarding rules after the transition, perhaps that is confusing the mail server.

Can you send email to those addresses from another account, gmail perhaps? Perhaps they are no longer valid.



When I send any email to verizon.net I get "cannot connect to host"

If I try to manually telnet from my mailserver to relay.verizon.net 25 I connect failed.

I can successfully connect to that on a different set of IP using my old Global Crossing connection.

My return address has not changed as I'm not using MyfairPoint.net, or Verizon as my email provider.

I can send emails to those addresses from another account such as gmail.