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Independence, MO
reply to espaeth

Re: February 2011 Sprint 4G WiMax speeds

Is your Overdrive unit with Clear or Sprint? It could just be my area, but I've never seen anything above ~7Mbps with my Sprint Overdrive. And how do you tell if your Overdrive unit is syncing at "Wimax 1.5"?


New York, NY
said by powerspec88:

I've never seen anything above ~7Mbps with my Sprint Overdrive.

That doesn't necessarily means anything is wrong. Remember that the service is only spec'd by Sprint (as you can see on their web site) for average speeds of 3 to 6 mbps. Basically anything above that is gravy (though they do say that one can occasionally expect to see bursts up to 10 mbps).

In my own case, my speed tests have averaged between 6 to 9. Here's what I'm getting today:

I too am very curious about how to know whether I'm on WiMax 1 or WiMax 1.5. One poster suggested a series of stats I should look for, but I've looked both in DEBUG and in WiMax Info on my Smartview and so far come up empty.

Based on Espaeth's speed when on 1.5, my guess is I'm still on 1, but I'm not sure.