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Beaverton, OR


I am scheduled to have a Frontier Installer come to my home on the 3rd to install/connect my telephone to their service; then on the 4th I agreed to pay $29.95 to have another installer come out and install their Modem/router and setup.
Because I presently use a Comcast Modem with Linksys Router which runs to a TV Card, DTV, and HTPC..........I figured this was going to be too high tech for me.......BUT.....I am kind of having second thoughts on that. It appears from following other posts here that I will at least to start have to just shelve my Lyksys Router and go with what they give me and route thru it [maybe bridge later IF I can].
BTW - just got via UPS pack of filters and instructions for installing the modem......and it said IF you presently have a Router....just unplut it for now - - - you can" PLUG IT BACK IN LATER" - - -then it gave all the following instructions for installing the new modem/router....BUT it never mentioned anything more about re-plugging in the previous router????
To the POINT: Since I read here that they [Frontier's installers] will NOT bridge to another modem for you....I amy be really throwing $30 out the window to have their installer come here. With their instructions and ALL of you FINE helpful Friends here [if needed] - I can probably install the modem myself....WHAT do you think????

TKS michael

PS: IF I do it myself, is it as simple as just transferring the ethernet connected devices that are presently jacked into my Lyksys into their Modem/router.......and ALL will work as it had before...OR.....is there other tech. hoops to jump thru before that happens?

If you don't need to do any port forwarding for any of your connected devices you can just use the frontier modem

You can also configure the frontier modem to share the public ip address with the internet port of the linksys

And you can bridge the frontier modem and continue to use the linksys

Burnt Out Cynic
reply to cyberized
Why are you paying them to install this? Why? Can you not read manuals? I'm not being mean, I'm being realistic. All you did before was just plug your router into comcast's modem....

If they're giving you a modem/wifi router the first thing you should do is make sure the security is enabled, and a strong passphase is set. You don't need to use your router at all unless you want to. If that's what you want to do disable wireless on their router, and just wirelessly connect to yours like you always have.

If the router doesn't provide wifi connect yours, and things should work as normal.

As long as both the routers don't try to claim the same static ip address you won't have any issues. If their modem/router is, and your routers static ip address is the same you won't get any connectivity behind your router at all. You might have to change the static ip address of your router to for example, and then it will work fine.
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Beaverton, OR
reply to cyberized
I'm SCREWED - did it to myself thoug - - - Just called Frontier to Cancel having them come to the house and install their modem and have them deliver me one.....What a RIP OFF....I was told that IF I did that that they would have to charge me arounnd $50 s&h so he says - you save money having them do it. WHAT a bunch of BS - - - there was NO charge prior to this to do it myself wiith them sending it out here - - - NOT now. Theyy are trying their damndest to drive me back to Comcast already.