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reply to JackKane

Re: Physics fail

said by JackKane :

It doesn't take more electricity to push the bytes, which is what is meant by "electrons aren't destroyed", not the actual physical fact involved.

Not true. At least theoretically, additional traffic above idle will cause processors of routers and such to compute more. And they will therefore consume more electricity, ergo require more cooling in the summertime, etc. If you don't believe me about CPU usage, put a Kill-O-Watt on your home computer some time, get a baseline usage at idle, then start running something like SETI BOINC. Also if you happen to have temp sensors on your platform, monitor the temp, and after not too, too long you will see the thermometers rise, especially if there is a sensor for your CPU core (perhaps integrated into the heatsink).

I was once a happy contributor to SETI, until I found out the electricity delta dollars. It just wasn't "in the budget" at the time I last computed a work unit. It has subsequently been much less a percentage of my income and therefore had room in the budget (but never bothered bringing my BOINC setup back online), then back to infeasible due to layoff presently.

Still...I'm no fan of this UBB, but I believe it is a myth that additional bits moved do not consume more electricity. The delta on consumption obviously will vary from network to network depending on the exact products used, but I have a tough time believing the delta is zero.

I admittedly do not have any ISP numbers to back that up, just experience with my own home gear.
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