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Norwalk, CA


i think i am a heavy user. though i dont think i add much to network congestion. most of my data i use during the night. day time and peek hours is when i use the lest amount. to me i see it kind of like cell phones. if they are really having problems with congestion during peek times throttle users back. they can even add a extra non throttle add on. if this just wasnt a play at getting paid more for the same service they give now all data wouldnt be equal. its like cell phones with free nights and weekends when less people are using it. let the person who wants to pay to be prioritized in. they could also give everyone so many gb non throttled each month for peek times during congestion. i am sure they can come up with a way to manage data with out caps as they increase capacity.

though i always thought that was the point for the higher speed tiers. they charge more for the higher speeds since they assume will you use more data. thats what you pay more for. do the 5mbps line cost them any difference then the 10mbps line?