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East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed

report it... if you haven't

Report this slow down... It could be due to capacity at the POI level.. I seem to remember them saying upgrades are ordered for extra for all Toronto area POI's.. Rogers just has to install it.

In Etobicoke it's been good since the 1st upgrade a while ago.


Chatham, ON

1 recommendation

Wish I could report about Teksavvy's cable but I can't. I have had to rebook my installation appointment a few times because I work and can't sit at home all day long waiting. The frustrating thing is when you rebook an appointment for an install, they don't cancel the old appointment, and the cable guy comes anyways and leaves a "Sorry we missed you" note at your door. I booked an appointment a week or so ago and called the day before to confirm and they told me the note for the new appointment request had just been added to the system the day before I called to confirm. So that means someone sat on my request for almost a week, then added it to the system 2 days before the install (which of course never happened). So not only did they outright lie and hid my cable reschedule date, they didn't even contact Cogeco to rebook my appointment. Rocky really needs to pay attention to this apparent huge communication problem.
And I'm not even going to go into calling tech support 3 weeks ago because my 5 meg Teksavvvy DSL has high latency, and I was the 2nd in line on hold, and it took them 1 hour and 20 minutes to answer my call. Really ? 40 minutes per person ?