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Kitchener, ON


I've been with Uniserve for about 5 yrs now too. Haven't had too many problems with speed until the last 2-3 weeks or so. used to be around 4-5Mb, now its at around 1.5-3.5Mb.
Yak on the other hand, mmmm.

Tried switching my parents over because of the UBB. YAK will tell you anything you want to hear until you sign up, after that, you get the excuses, lies, bs, either that or they're clueless.
Ended up cancelling them real quick.
speed is not great. they said 5Mb connection, received 2Mb.
Their comments:
* You have "Old wires"
* We said "Up to 5Mb"
* we can't do anything for you unfortunately.
* You're on a 3Mb profile a higher profile would not be stable.
I replied with, please cancel the account. At which point they said, we'll look into it and call you back... call back never happen, but 2 days later speed was up to 5Mb.

They were with Teksavvy before and good thing they never cancelled them before getting YAK running...

If you're not within Yaks 10Mb reach, not worth it.


Scarborough, ON

Thanks for your input!

You know I need to update my review because I tried to move from Uniserve to Yak, Yak doesn't even offer any service in my area!!!

I received the same bs about "old wires" and "if you go on a higher profile you will lose sync" from Uniserve. It's about time people realize that DSL is getting old and it won't last for long, move onto cable!

I actually moved onto Teksavvy = 300GB, and I am loving itttttt!!!!!