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Re: Pathetic

If what you say is true, especially the last paragraph, why is it that France has better and cheaper broadband than we do? Why is it that the CLECs have built out their own networks after sharing lines, since it was profitable for them to do so? Why is it that most countries that are ahead of us in fiber deployment and broadband speed, and have cheaper prices and more competition have a Local Loop Unbundling provision in their regulations?

LLU is the best idea the US ever had. Too bad congress didn't write the regulation in a more bulletproof way.



LLU is a waste of tax payer money will ALWAYS be a money pit to those people. They're unable to break even nor make a profit. As soon as they do; they'll be required to sell that network off and they'll be belly up in no time flat.

As far as the CLECs- how many of them closed? Ever hear of North Point? They went belly up- They were a CLEC. Speakeasy- they had to merge with Megapath another CLEC to stay in business. COVAD? they went bankrupt too. What happened to them? They're barley staying afloat due to they have NO real business model and they're stuck on legacy DSL systems. What happens when a ILEC pulls the copper? I know of several areas this happened. ATT did it under SBC- Check out Monroe Michigan areas of ATT- they have NO copper- its FULLY FTTH U-verse. You want DSL? Too bad. Not available. Want a T1 I hope you wanna order it from ATT because otherwise you won't be able to afford it- let alone maybe get it due to no copper is even there anymore.

France has cheap internet because of one thing; its being resold! Also they have it cheap just like Japan. Once it touches their network; it leaves to come here. Where most of the data centers are that hold the Internet. And its cheap due to the amount of people per square foot! They can build out cheap and offer cheap products. and LUB is nothing but a cheap way to get the gov't involved in private business where they have NO business in.


Canonsburg, PA

The Federal Government should pass a law that encourages muni fiber to the premises build outs wherever existing telecommunications companies refuse to do such build outs. The law should also overturn all state bans of muni fiber because those state bans violate the interstate commerce clause.



no they shoudn't. Gov'ts will NEVER be able to support that. What happens when content prices go up? Do you know who gets to pay that? Your Parents or even Grandparents who live on fixed incomes. Why should their hard earned money go to pay your TV bill or even mine? Why should I have to pay for YOU to have something that I may not want? See the problem? Why should anyone be MADE to pay for your Internet or cableTV when it is NOT a utlity? States that pass muni bans KNOW what they're doing. They're protecting hard earned income those residents earned instead of tossing it away to some project that will ALWAYS be in the RED.


reply to Sammer

And how does it violate interstate commerce? You still have access to services that you had before.