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reply to Karl Bode

Re: Pathetic

Sorry but you're not understanding what I said. I said IF Line sharing WAS required AGAIN any new networks would NOT be built. They would stop.

And U-Verse IS Expanding. You must not have had that memo yet. I can tell you a number of cities in Ohio and Michigan that NOW have U-Verse that have NEVER had a press release on them. And why? cause the cities are not HUGE but the fact is- the service is NOW available.

NO lack of compeition does NOT have to do with 3meg or lower DSL. It's the fact that most are smaller phone companies or they're too far from the DSLAM. Which is the problem with DSL (even though people seem to think its God on this website).

And yes the FCC is to blame. It seems that the problem always is with the FCC and people on here don't get that. The FCC is like a damn crack-user. They'll say one thing now and then they'll say something later on the same issue and it be 2 totally different things said. You can NOT trust the FCC especially when they're the ones making the illegal rules. If they can't do what they were SET up to do; then you get rid of them and give that job to someone that can do it. Simple as that. You don't see Comcast's board of directors replacing Roberts because he does a shitty job. Nor do you see that with any other company. And the FCC should be treated the same way. We do that with the President. Nobody likes him after 4 years- we vote him out. That's the way it works. The Gov't is a company no matter how you look at it. The people who vote are the shareholders that just don't get paid. The FTC also does NOT rule on many things regarding communcations. That is left up to the FCC. But back to what I sai; Nobody is going to listen a a body of people who do NOT know what their job is when they over step that line and start creating illegal rules.

Montreal, QC
Line sharing *IS* required in Canada, and yet Bell and Videotron are both deploying VDSL and DOCSIS 3.0 as fast as they can, pushing fibre closer and closer to homes at a rapid pace. Why? Because of two facts:

1) ILECs and cablecos still make money off wholesale customers. Less, yes, but not nothing.

2) If ILECs stop investing in networks, they'll lose customers to cablecos and cableco wholesalers.

3) If cablecos stop investing in networks, they'll lose customers to ILECs and ILEC wholesalers.

We don't have enough competition to keep pricing reasonable, sure, but we do at least have enough competition to ensure that the duopolies don't sit on their thumbs.
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