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Hazelwood, MO
reply to gunther_01

Re: Pathetic

Call it what you want, but it is wireless and wireless will never compete with wired.

You substantiated my entire claim when you said "WE as WISP's are here because places exist that you can't wire and actually have a return on your investment."

I am not questioning your business plan nor how good or bad you may be. I am simply stating that the incumbents should have been before and should be now required to build out to ALL regardless of cost because they have received enough subsidies over the decades to do so.

Saybrook, IL
They have built to almost if not all.. its called telephone lines. That was USF's initial purpose. Just because it doesn't support "x"meg/sec. Isn't a fault of the telco's. But, that whole topic is much larger then that.


totally agree with you gunther_01. Where I used to live was 10 miles out side of the city. We were lucky to get 14.4k dial-up and have it work. The area is STILL only lucky to get that unless you go to Hughes/WildBlue or a Cell Carrier. They have WISPs that are available now- but TWC and ATT will tell you that it is NOT cost bearable to wire that far out of the city and make any ROI. You get a telephone. you get Dish/DirecTV. But the fact is like you said; it will cost a good million+ to even get FTTH out there. And hope 5 people sign up- and that 5 people where ALL a half mile to over a mile apart.