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Re: Competition doesn't exist in rural areas

It does exist. VZ, ATT, Sprint/Clear/Nextel,. Should I go on? Even WISPs. the fact is people do NOT look. They simply call the local telephone or cable company up and as soon as it is NOT available they cry that we don't get anything and we're left out or we don't have competition. When in fact they do.

and it is NOT the gov'ts place to product competition. It is up to the private sector to do that. NOT the gov't. my tax dollars should NOT go to giving Joe out in BFE FTTH just because he thinks he should have it. Knowing that he never had it available to him to start off with. He has other options. If he wants wired services; he should have moved to where those are available. Instead he gets to use what he has available to him. Just as others do.