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This is a sub-selection from I have an idea.

Saybrook, IL
reply to batterup

Re: I have an idea.

While I'm sure you thought this out, No, it wouldn't work. You wouldn't have any investors, because of the fixed pricing, and mandated net profit maximum. You wouldn't have innovation because of the same thing. Remember, innovation is caused by a lack of a product. If everyone has the same thing, there is no need for innovation, No reason to innovate.
You would still need "seed" capitol in the billions of dollars, if not Trillions. The government would own it for as long as we are all alive, until that was paid back. While I think such a network is possible. I do not think it is feasible. There is and are network technologies that are compatible currently to do such a thing as network disasters. the current companies build in such a way to do that same thing. Each using what they feel, and their investors feel is the best. Same thing goes with those companies people. Even now a days other companies dispatch their people to go help other companies in times of crisis or need.
The last and final comment on this nationwide network is simply this. We would be in a dictatorship if it were to ever come to be. Freedom of market place drives this country. Without it we would be under communist rule.
Batterup, you seem to be in a pretty nice area according to the map. Why is it that you have such a hard time with Internet access, or speeds? Take a look at where I live, I have 2 wired providers (cable and DSL), 1 WISP, 3 Cellular (very poor) and of course the last worst "broadband" option, satellite. In a town of 600. Would you not be happy until you had fiber like some of the select towns in this country? Or what's the problem that you need more?

I Can Not Tell A Lie.
Netcong, NJ

said by gunther_01:

While I'm sure you thought this out, No, it wouldn't work.

I did not think it out it was thought out over 100 years ago.