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Brooklyn, NY
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since 2003 telco and cableco alike moved to shut down 3rd wire competition anywhere it reared it's head (for the most part successful too). the fcc and ftc have known nothing but to grow carrots and are glutted with them now-- it's all they know how to do. it's time for the regulatory sticks to get competition rolling again. put fairness back in the telecom and isp markets for the CONSUMER. this current generation of consumers or have nots can't even remember the voice calling competition that brought prices down to pennies per minute of calling time.

plenty of missed opportunities between 2003 and 2011 have come and gone where what we have today could be 5-10x better had the fcc and ftc been not asleep at the switch. 2 years into the democrats rubber stamp this policy from the bush(2) era is officially adopted policy of do nothing and let big incumbent business get fatter at the expense of consumers (and non-consumers alike).