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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: They should be investigated

LOL. You do realize that NOBODY from the Gov't can take anything without paying for it correct? That's the way it works. If those cities want the service network they MUST PAY FOR IT and they would be being drug through the mud when it was all said and done and going bankrupt.

The people with FiOS have other options; Cable is ALWAYS an option for those people. They had it before and can always go back to it. So saying that DirecTV wouldn't be an option is correct- but they still have options.

As far as service free to schools, hospitals, etc are a thing of the past. You must haven't read any new contracts. All those have been stripped away and most schools with the help of the state DOEs have built their own TV systems off DirecTV and DishNetwork, Nursing homes have teamed up with local cable companies and Dish providers as well. Hospitals build their own systems too. The Gov't offices do NOT need TV in their offices; they're there to work NOT to watch TV so thats a moot topic.

And investigated for what? They're org. contract with the locals with VZ was a certain uptake. That number is NEVER disclosed by VZ nor the locals. So good luck on that one. TV also is NOT a utility so the locals have NO real control over anything with TV. Any provider and up and decide they're not going to offer services in any area and walk away.