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reply to Iguanaman

Re: 3Com and seeing other PCs in "My Network places"

said by Iguanaman :

The problem there is once we set the mode to LLC bridged the modem reboots and we can never access the settings (on either router) unless we completely reset the modem back to default settings again

I don't want you to make any configuration changes
said by Iguanaman :

There should be some specific setting that alters the way the 3com deals with the ip address (public vs private lan)

You may be right......I think the 3com is in "bridge mode" which means the computer is making the internet connection
said by Iguanaman :

unless you know what that setting is I am not sure what the information you are requesting will provide

I don't know enough about the current configuration to suggest changes
said by Iguanaman :

I gave you the VC settings and IP settings in the previous posts

The vc settings are settings that are common for any adsl modem

It looks like the linksys internet connection type is automatic/dhcp the linksys status page should show that

I can only guess about the 3com internet connection type
You should be able to call your isp and get them to help you