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Pasadena, CA

[CATV] Serious Tiling Issue with Charter Cable

Hello All,

I joined this forum in hopes of getting some much needed advice. As you can see from the subject line, I am having serious tiling issues with my Charter Cable service. Here are the details / observations:

1. Tiling is most prevalent on my HDTV. Tiling is intermittent; there are times when picture / signal are good and times when set is unwatchable.
2. Tiling does occur on other sets (there are three others, none of which are HDTV) but seems less prevalent (perhaps because we watch them less frequently).

To their credit, Charter has sent a field tech to the house three times. The first time Charter tested signal strength and installed an amplifier. Second time Charter tested signal strength (all was good) and changes settings on HDTV. Third time Charter tested signal strength (all was good) and checked inside wiring. Charter tech advised the cable could be the issue -- our house is wired with "59" as opposed to "60" (the techs words). Tech went on to suggest we try two things: First, try replacing the box (Scientific Atlanta DVR) and second, get a contractor to replace the wiring.

Upon reading this, does anyone have advice on how to proceed? Is the tech correct -- should I first replace the box and, if that doesn't work, hire a contractor to replace the interior wiring? Last, since I am not very excited about the notion of hiring a contractor to replace the wiring, would a satellite provider be a better solution given the issues I am experiencing?

Your comments / advice are much appreciated!

Chesterfield, MO
Good evening, We can definitely assist you with your issues. please post the following in the »/forum/charterdirect:

Phone Number on Account:
Contact Number:
Best Time To Call:
MAC (if HSI Issue):


Howard City, MI
reply to guyinsocal
If you haven't already done it - sign up for wire maintenance before you agree to any more visits. You shouldn't have to pay for help after you have had 3 visits to your house to resolve same issue.
Do you have nearby neighbors with same problems?
Can you hook cable wire direct to TV - bypassing cable box and view same channel? Does it look ok then? You might need someones assistance to tell you where to find channel without box - they pop up in weird locations but if suspect channel is a local one you should be able to get it without the box.


Upton, MA
reply to guyinsocal
i had a similar situation quite sometime ago. the box was replaced and it solved the issue. signals were fine too. plus i have 2 lines from the pole and this is dedicated to my hdtv....


Pasadena, CA
reply to guyinsocal
Thanks for the advice. I think I will try replacing the cable box / dvr. If that doesn't work, I will leave it to Charter to decide on our next course of action based on one of two choices:
1) Charter send their contractors out to upgrade the cabling in our house at their expense and keep our $200 monthly revenue stream indefinately or ...
2) We cancel Charter and strike a deal with DirecTV or Dish Network, one of whom will be the prime beneficiary of said revenue stream.
As you can tell I am frustrated ... their is nothing worse than paying a premium for a service that does not work.
Thanks again for your help!


Pasadena, CA
reply to guyinsocal
I stopped by my local Charter office and picked up a "new" (i.e., reconditioned) cable box. They had run out of Cisco boxes and gave me an updated Sci Atl box. I hooked it up last night and so far so good -- no tiling. I hope the tiling issue is finally put to rest. If not, you will be hearing from me (as will Charter). Good luck everyone!